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In Public Accounting Practice since 1977, I am a licensed CPA in the state of Oklahoma. My practice consists primarily of working with individual taxpayers and their various tax situations. My clients have lived in such diverse locals as Spain, ...

If you wish to file your return yourself, on-line we have made provision for you to do so at a minimal cost ($25) Federal and State. By clicking on the banner to the right, you will be taken to the site.

2020 Tax Organizers:

To aid you in compiling the information needed to prepare your return, feel free to download and utilize any of the Tax Organizers listed below.

• Individual Organizer

• Individual with Rental Property

• Individual with a Business

Business Entities:

• Partnership

• S Corporation

• C Corporation

• LLC Business

2020  Individual Taxpayer Organizer.pdf 2020  Individual Taxpayer Organizer - Rental Property.pdf 2020  Individual Taxpayer Organizer - Sole Proprietorship.pdf 2020  Partnership Tax Organizer.pdf 2020  S Corporation Tax Organizer.pdf 2020  C Corporation Tax Organizer.pdf 2020  LLC Tax Organizer.pdf